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At The Ludlow East Market, you’re perfectly positioned.

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Everywhere you want to be

When you live at The Ludlow East Market, you’re the center of attention. The city’s premier concert halls and theaters are just around the corner. Fine shopping and dining surround you in abundance. Major transportation hubs are steps away. The historic Reading Terminal Market is right across the street. And as a resident of The Ludlow East Market, you’re also a citizen of East Market, a vibrant neighborhood of its own with inviting restaurants and retailers.



Nazanin S.

Good building, perfect location and friendly neighbors. I wish we had more social events and perhaps a suggestion box to share some ideas/ways of improvement with the management office.

Noelle S.

The Ludlow is great! I really enjoy the front desk staff because they are very personable. I would like to see more events for the building because those are so much fun!

Yoga D.

Great community with proximity to everything. Wish the closets were bigger but other than that I absolutely love my apartment. Amenities are also great.

Hannah R.

Have truly enjoyed my past 2+ years at The Ludlow. Perfect location in center city. Clean, well-kept building with friendly staff and residents. Love the gym space and outdoor deck! Hope they can continue hosting more community events in the upcoming months- love those!

Amanda C.

Very convenient place to live. I've been living here since the Ludlow opened and prices are getting a little high. Also, it would be nice if the carpets were cleaned better rather than just vacuuming a couple of times a day. Maybe do this even just once a month. They are pretty dirty.

Katherine L.

Nice place to live, enjoy the amenities and the welcoming desk staff. Very clean and quiet place to call home. Really have enjoyed this experience

Valentina C.

Having been here for a little over 6 months now and truly enjoying it! The apartment has all we need and the Ludlow staff is great. Also really love being part of East Market — anything we may need, from groceries to bars to shops — is just a step away!

Hayes O.

Wonderful place to live. The building is very nice, staff are attentive and friendly, and the neighborhood is very fun. I wish people didn't smoke cigarettes inside and the countertops wouldn't have come stained prior to move in.

Sophia R.

I love living at the Ludlow- amazing location, friendly people, lots of dogs, what could be better? The apartments themselves are a steal given what they offer in terms of updated appliances and features, lighting, space, and more.

Henry S.

The Ludlow community has been very accommodating and I am glad to have had the opportunity to renew my lease and to extend my stay at the modern apartment.

Ellen H.

Overall very happy with my resident experience. I just wish there were a few more community group activities to get to know my fellow residents (e.g. loved the pumpkin carving event). Just wish the coffee machine wouldn't be down so often and for such long stretches of time. Also, wish the fire alarm wouldn't get set off so frequently, but I understand that's obviously not in the control of management.

Maurizio C.

The building is really new, perfect position close to all the best places in the city. The amenities are well maintained, with games TVs and a spacious place to hang out. Highly recommended

Wesley D.

Our experience moving into the Ludlow has been amazing. The building is so nice and quiet, and the entire staff has been incredibly friendly and helpful.

Amanda X.

Love it here! The staff are super friendly and I love that there is a young vibe. Beautiful apartment and wonderful common areas. Great location as well, near retail and transportation.

Danielle F.

The Ludlow continues to have problems regarding staffing, as I understand this is a national issue there are ways to work around my complaints. The front desk staff is indifferent, distracted, and un-welcoming. They are untrained on how to fix the coffee machine and it is consistently out of service. The lack of training in regards to the coffee machine is especially infuriating as it is a simple pleasure you are supposed to enjoy while living here.

Justin C.

The overall look and feel of the Ludlow has been superb. It really takes you out of the usual city life experience and gives off a high end vibe.

Nazanin S.

It's been months that the squat bar has been stolen/disappeared from the gym. Nobody got back to me after reporting this issue to the office and sending a follow-up email a few weeks later. I emailed every staff member separately to see what has been done to resolve this problem or whether a replacement squat bar is ordered, and again there is no response. -One of the benches at the gym is broken as well, and it's not safe to use it, but no one is doing anything about it. -Hallways are not vacuumed daily, and unless I report it to the front desk, it won't get cleaned. -The printer barely works; it's either out of ink or has connection issues. Great building and very poor and disappointing management.

Yoga D.

Great apartment in great location Would recommend for anyone working in Jefferson. Management is responsive with issues at hand. Maintenance always shows up in timely manner.

Stephanie T.

Clean, modern, great location for anyone working in Center City. Huge windows let in lots of light. I only wish there were more closet space!

Isabella A.

As my two years at the Ludlow are coming to an end, I look back and I know I'm going to miss it here. The convenience of being in the heart of Center City Philly is unmatched, and having a gorgeous apartment and view is like no other. The only negative thing I have to say is the steep increase in rent is the reason why I can't stay here, which I feel is unfitting for a city such as Philly and unexpected for an already expensive and luxury apartment. Nonetheless, I'll miss it here and I have great memories.

Amul P.

Security should be tightened. Parking needs to be improved. Customer service through phone (receptionist and answering calls) needs to be improved.

Jordan S.

Living at the Ludlow has been a great experience. I would recommend it. The location is wonderful and really enjoy the outside space and fitness center!

Claire J.

The Ludlow is a great place to live. The environment is always clean, the residents are friendly, and The Ludlow Team as a whole are wonderful. We decided to renew our lease because of these reasons and can’t wait to continue another year here!

Amanda C.

Great place to live. It's located in a very convenient area. Staff and other residents are pretty friendly. One of the downsides is that I use the storage units in the sub-basement but it always smells really bad down there.

Katherine L.

Love it. Very clean, nice amenities and friendly staff. Pandemic aware and alert. Maintenance team is very helpful. Enjoying living here!!!!