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At The Ludlow East Market, you’re perfectly positioned.

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Everywhere you want to be

When you live at The Ludlow East Market, you’re the center of attention. The city’s premier concert halls and theaters are just around the corner. Fine shopping and dining surround you in abundance. Major transportation hubs are steps away. The historic Reading Terminal Market is right across the street. And as a resident of The Ludlow East Market, you’re also a citizen of East Market, a vibrant neighborhood of its own with inviting restaurants and retailers.



Daniel M.

I'm so excited to be a part of this community! The amenities are phenomenal, and the location can't be beat. Once I finish unpacking, I hope to meet my new neighbors!

Justin C.

Great place to live; convenient to everything. One of the downsides is that the location does not give off a sense of security as there is always crazy people roaming around the property and what feels like more unruly teenagers gathering every night.

Maurizio C.

I have been living at the Ludlow for more than a year now and I love it. Great amenities, awesome maintenance and everyone is really lovely. It’s also in a really good position, close to the main stores, restaurants, bars and clubs!!

Marc C.

Building is great. The staff is friendly and responsive. The amenities and location are fantastic. The smell of dog pee in the hallway (on the 8th floor anyway) is overwhelming at times.

Abdulaziz H.

There are miscommunication issues in the building’s management, such as the email sent out to the residents about the intruder who stole stuff from the front desk. That email used language that blamed the residents instead for the management to take full responsibility for leaving the front desk empty. Also, the coffee machine on the third floor has been out of coffee beans for a while, and I am not sure when that will change. Lastly, I requested a maintenance service without permission to enter, and the maintenance guy entered anyway. It is a shame to see a five stars building managed by such low-quality management.

Heli P.

The Ludlow quality has gone down for many reasons, The outside environment is horrible due to the new construction in the area and too much traffic on the one way street due to the hotel and other non-resident people. There is no crosswalk to allow for safe crossing onto 11th street and it takes a long time to keep waiting for traffic. As for the apartment itself, the quality has greatly gone down due to lack of attention by management. Though each tenant pays hefty amenity fees, the Ludlow has not replaced any amenities since the building was built. The coffee machine is always not in order and outdoor furniture broken. It seems the Ludlow does not care about the quality of the amenities yet continues to charge money.

Alessandra A.

I have been living at the Ludlow for 4 years now, I love it, I love the building design and the location. Unfortunately, the management is getting worst. They have been less responsive to out needs, the security got worst over time, and the worst part is the management asks the residents to take responsibility of their faults. I am very disappointed. It seems we as residents are not heard. If there is a lack of professionalism from their part, they should improve it, instead of putting on others, especially the residents. They also enforced rules such as no delivery person allowed to our apartment for food delivery. I found this a great discomfort as it was never a problem. However, they never control or check whoever comes in and never call us to check or confirm our guests. They never ask for the IDs and no one knows our faces as there is too much turnover among the front desk people. We also dont know their faces for the same reason. Lately, the portal was modified and doesnt work

Dominic B.

Two elevators for the move in process is suboptimal but happy to be here. Front desk is really friendly and Callam was great in helping out too

Kesha P.

Great management with effective organization and communication. Have loved the atmosphere of the apartment complex and look forward to using the available amenities to its fullest.

Eric B.

So far so good! The building is clean, tastefully decorated and well maintained. The amenities are good quality, from the gym to the common areas.

Yoga D.

Convenient for anyone working at Jefferson. Apartments have small closet but amenities are very nice. Definitely recommend for anyone working at Jeff

Amanda C.

Great place to live and convienant to everything! Only downside right now is that it's not always safe because of the mobs of teenages around the building starting fights.

Nazanin S.

Great building, awesome neighbors, and perfect location. The new building manager is doing a wonderful job organizing so many fun events every month.

Erin H.

I love living here, everything is clean and I feel very safe. It is in such a convenient location and makes commuting to work and other places very easy!

Sophia R.

I have continued to love living at the Ludlow for the past year and a half now and honestly did not think twice about renewing my lease. Everyone who works and lives here is friendly, there are always dogs around and my apartment is beautiful. It's an amazing location on the most beautiful little street, which is really the only one of its kind in the area. Cannot say enough great things!

Hannah R.

Almost 3 years here and no other building in the area compares! Building is clean, modern, with quiet respectful neighbors. Great outdoor deck and gym. Just love it!

Katherine L.

Location is great, apartments are new and modern, overall ambiance is great, not much else to say about the place. Can be difficult for those looking for more than that.

Sahil P.

just a great place to stay. wonderful location. great ambiance. overall great staff. rents been on the rise hut they are trying to keep it affordable for all

Vincent C.

Excellent place to live, enjoy the amenities and staff are always kind and helpful. Quiet in the building and minimal traffic noise on the higher floors.

Simon P.

Very friendly staff, any issues are handled and corrected quickly, nice amenity spaces. The building is well maintained and the location is terrific.

Maurizio C.

Wonderful place to live. Amenities are top tier, the gym is well equipped and communal spaces are functional and always super clean. definitely recommended!

Marc C.

Much quieter than we expected for the location. It's well appointed and well maintained. Staff is responsive and a pleasure to work with. 3rd floor amenities are great!

Justin C.

Great place to live; convenient to everything. One of the downsides is that the location does not give off a sense of security as there is always crazy people roaming around the property and what feels like more unruly teenagers gathering every night.

Emily K.

Haven’t moved in but great so far!loved the amenities and the apartments. The windows were perfect and we ended up getting a corner apartment

Severo R.

Just moved in and I am loving The Ludlow. Building is new and the amenities are great! It’s located close to many restaurants and it’s right in front of a shopping mall.