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At The Ludlow East Market, you’re perfectly positioned.

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Everywhere you want to be

When you live at The Ludlow East Market, you’re the center of attention. The city’s premier concert halls and theaters are just around the corner. Fine shopping and dining surround you in abundance. Major transportation hubs are steps away. The historic Reading Terminal Market is right across the street. And as a resident of The Ludlow East Market, you’re also a citizen of East Market, a vibrant neighborhood of its own with inviting restaurants and retailers.



Gerard B.

I haven't officially started living here yet which is why I didn't provide 5 stars. With that said the tour experience was the best one I went on and the people I met throughout the building on the tour were super friendly.

Justin H.

The apartment is awesome. Has everything one would need from nice living spaces to great amenities. Great package system. Front desk is always nice. Only issue is management is rather difficult to deal with, because they seem unorganized.

Yoga D.

Management has declined since I have become a resident. I moved within the building and reserved the elevator months ahead; the day of move in no one was at the elevator area and when someone finally showed up an hour later she had no idea I had reserved the fright elevator resulting in me paying for an extra hour of movers. This was thankfully compensated but the whole experience was frustrating

Nazanin S.

Awesome building and in the perfect location. Management is hosting so many wonderful events for neighbors to get together. Staff are so kind and friendly

Aaron L.

The elevators have been a little flakey, but overall it has been good. I would appreciate the community events though being during none working hours.

Debra H.

I love living at the Ludlow. It is a warm and welcoming place, very well maintained and the location is amazing. Also I have started using the gym and it is great, best spin bikes ever!

Maurizio C.

Really nice place to leave. Good location close to restaurants. bars and nightlife. Amenities space are amazing but lately having an hard time with some members of the management. I had just one people over the number that is allowed in the amenity space (3 instead of 2), mind that was a Monday in a totally empty space, and I was told to leave immediately. Really didn't like the attitude!

Marika X.

Beautiful apartments, lovely common spaces, great locations, and the friendliest concierge and housekeeping staff. I’ve lived at the Ludlow for a few months now and it’s been a great experience.

Rajvi V.

I love the monthly activities the Ludlow hosts for us. The thought that goes into planning all the little details like food, drinks and decor is greatly appreciated.

Vincent C.

I enjoy my time here at the Ludlow. From wonderful amenities to the close location to food and work, it just can't be beat. Moms is right across the street with all grocery needs.

Nazanin S.

Great building, located in the heart of the city. The new management team is doing a great job hosting events for neighbors to get together and improving the building and elevator security for our community.

Shelby O.

Overall good. Clean nice staff and good location. I wish there was a pool. The gym Is also good. Office should communicate better about happenings

Hannah R.

Overall great building with well kept amenities and friendly staff. Would suggest a water refill station in the gym (please!) and a little more attention to the halls in regards to vacuuming. Used to be daily but now lucky to be vacuumed once a week :( (ninth floor)

Jewelle K.

Pros: Friendly staff and neighbors, great amenities, spacious unit, secured building and a central location. Cons: HVAC system design is noisy and the smell of cigarette smoke from an unknown resident is coming through my bathroom vent.

Bjoern B.

The community is ok. Surroundings are fair and not a lot of things going on since most spaces for businesses are empty downstairs. The apartments are nice.

Dominic B.

Andre is the GOAT. I appreciate his professionalism. One of the most genuine people I've gotten the chance to know. Also shoutout the people putting together the lobby happy hours!

Kesha P.

Amazing community! Great amenities and great staff who provide for a safe, inclusive location to live. The building is properly maintained and a great place to host friends and family.

Debra H.

Callam has been amazing with to work with on leasing my apartment, very knowledgeable and helpful! I am so excited to move to the beautiful Ludlow!

Justin C.

Great place to live; convenient to everything. One of the downsides is that the location does not give off a sense of security as there is always crazy people roaming around the property and what feels like more unruly teenagers gathering every night.

Aaron L.

Ekk not much to add, just want access to the pool, and the rent increase to our amenities. The rent is kind of above the market at the moment. In general everything is good

Maurizio C.

Great experience! Amenities are spacious, new and modern design and fully equipped. The place to live if you want to live close to restaurant, subway, bars and clubs!

Alice M.

Ludlow is a great place to live. It is impeccably clean and the staff are professional and friendly. Callam Fredericks is always willing to help with anything and he responds quickly and follows up on needs. Every time I see him he asks how everything is and seeks to make the living experience the best it can be

Lydia H.

Leasing office could use some improvements in terms of communication and response to tenant requests. Staff are wonderful, but the leasing office is rather disrespectful of tenants' time and work schedules

Sophia S.

Moving in was a breeze! It was made so easy by the leasing managers and front desk. So far I have loved the friendliness of all the other residents, and look forward to making The Ludlow my home.

Larissa N.

Love the building and living at the Ludlow, no complaints on my end. A few safety concerns with the over night door tenant sleeping on the job (noticed this about about 3 times leaving the building early morning at 5:30am or so), but other that love it here!